UPDATED:Man Found With Throat Slit In Fairbairn Pasture

Investigations are been conducted into the death of Roland Cunningham, 56yrs, Security Guard of Fairbaine Pasture, which occurred on 25.09.17.

Reports are that the deceased man sustained a chop wound to the left side of his neck and subsequently died.

Postmortem examination is expected to be performed to ascertain the cause of death. This brought the total number of homicides to thirty (30).

Man shot and Killed in Kingstown


  1. The Upl cannot control murder. The people needs to be able to find a way to live with each other and be able to solve their differences a better way.

    • Oh Maylene is it so simple? If it were we still need leadership to direct us and if you look…where is our leadership? All we have is a big, old bag of talking wind!

  2. Blk people will always want to blame someone for their own failures. The killing of people no matter how rich or poor you are is down to greed bad mind grudgeful and just being bad….im no supporter of RG see not even saying his name but as i think of myself as a well educated person from foreign common sense which a lot of people here dont have seems to prevail and i simply look around and can clearly see WE YES WE are own worst enemies until we treat each other with the respect young old poor middle rich we not going anywhere and lawless state shall remain…..lastly just read how they normally report news ??? Exactly how the person has said it is how it is printed sorry to go off at different angles but i find everyone who think to blame goverment for everything have nothing better to do and would go as far to say are probably the ones who set up the negativity within this country……put all you efforts in making sensible suggestions to have change rather than slag off people …….In fact will be surprised if they print this lol

  3. Why does it have to be government? These things must come to past before the return of Christ. People have learn to resolve their differences in a fifferent way. Murder is not the answer. The people have to work with the government. There are only so much people in parliament vs the large population of people.

  4. Sir,
    Do you really believe that Labor or NDP can curb the wave of crimes that is taking place? What is the responsibility of the citizens of the country? The government could have been the NDP, would you have felt the same way you do now? If the hearts of men are evil and unrepentant no government can prevent the inevitable. People have got to learn to live together and resolve their issues in a more level headed way. The Bible says, if my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves and repent and return to God, He will pardon their iniquity and heal the land. SVG needs healing. Too much political divide and hatred. Too much guns and drugs. Too much alcohol and satanic music. Too much disrespect for those in authority. Too much greed and covetousness. Get back to family worship, family activities, hard work and comradery amoungst neighbors. Let love prevails once again.

    • In your last sentence you say “hard work”. Where should some of these young men go to work hard for a decent wage? Actually it is not the wage that is the problem, SVG has relatively high wages. the problem is that the costs are too high. We have to pay FAR TOO MUCH to the government in fees and taxes making prices in SVG sky high for most people.. Instead of creating an environment where the private sector can create jobs, our government simply just raises taxes again and again. Many of our young people adopt an attitude that they need to commit crimes to get anything because the atmosphere for job creation has been governmentally destroyed by a few arrogant and greedy men. Our youth themselves become arrogant, greedy and disrespectful of law and society. They mimic the “leadership” in their own way.

  5. I agree with most of the comments. I don’t think that there’s much the government can do to reduce crime in the country. Firstly, families need to take a stand and be better role models for their young children. Too often I’m seeing situations where parents are buying the most expensive brands for their children and they are left without school supplies. Why not invest in their education first? These are the same children growing up to want fast money turning to drugs and other means to maintain these lifestyles. We need to make that change for ourselves rather than blaming it on government and other things.

    • Then,why have any government,for that matter? If not to provide security[ one of the tenets of a democracy,] what is its purpose?

    • Yes, If more was invested in education then even you would know that it IS the fault of government. The crime cannot stop in days weeks or months. These young people have to be given an alternative such as a good job! When the government taxes the country to death there is no money left to invest where jobs can be created. It will take many months possibly years to lower the violent Crime rate but the government has to enact the correct measures and they refuse to give up their greed and let business make a profit instead of losses. When taxes go up so does the price of our products. No one wants to pay for SVG agriculture because it is too expensive because the price has to be high enough to make farming worth while, but it is not because life is too expensive in SVG. WHO can change that? Not we the people, Not the Churches, not the bible or Jesus, only the government. Now do you understand? Yes, I see from the comments that many Vincentians do need to get educated, at least in Economics 101

      • Poor lost pet boy u really lost. I wonder what do you do for a living you sound like one of the criminals. I see you are an nod man who hates on the u l p. Haters going to be haters.i say that because you blame everything on the government. Lost what you do for a living did you finish primary school. People have to work for a living by getting education. One cannot sit back and get good jobs. Education and hard work. In all your comments you seems to justify the criminals and theif. That’s why so many people disagree with you. It’s ok to choose your party but don’t blame the other side for everyone criminal act. Get a whole of yourself man before you make another comment . Your no common sense statements make vincentian look bad. Dude you can always go back to school it’s not too late.

  6. I agree with most of you, but the government cannot do this on it’s own the people of St Vincent must play their part too, there is a war going on and it’s not just in St Vincent it’s all over the world so leave the Government alone he have done a lot more for St Vincent that any of the other governments before him, the UK is not any better, and people of SVG should look into themselves, they are watching too much western movies, and all of them think they are all Johnny too bad. Please note the people have a role to play too.

    • In other words you are saying that our leaders do not have to lead us. The Government including the police should just stay home, right? We should send them all our money so they can have a good time setting up institutions that take even more of our money so they can have a good time and we can kill eachother. Clearly you are another ULP internet Troll, there are a lot of them called-out for this article to protect emperor Ralph.

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