Man Attacked, Robbed At Indian Bay Beach

A visitor to the island was sometime between 2.30 and 3.00pm robbed of his valuables and keys to a rented vehicle.

According to information the incident occurred at the Indian Bay Beach frequented by tourist.

News784 was told that during the robbery, the victim was hit with a piece of board across his neck by the assailant.

This publication also understands that the assailant was seen in the company of three young ladies, who were later picked up by police.

Following a further investigation, the police learned who the assailant was, and attempts were made to locate him in the
area called Pole Yard in Arnos Vale.

The publication was also told that the assailant made a daring escape across the river to avert being captured by police.

At the time of this publication, News784 was not aware if the assailant was in custody or still at large.


  1. Punish him, have no sympathy for criminals, period. Put your hands and brain to work, be creative stop this nasty trend. Follow good example.
    Trying to stop Vincy bread, can’t have that, will not condone such behaviour.

  2. No mercy to much criminal activity in the vacancy of pole yard, needs to be extinguished, to much cocaine jumbie and vagrants on the loose

  3. The last man who tried that from pole yard who did robbed the college boy at massy bus stop in arnos vale he got gun down like them don’t learn.

  4. That Pole Yard community is a ‘cesspool’ for persons will criminal minds. It should never have been allowed to remain a permanent settlement.

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