Lauders Man Gets 6yrs For Manslaughter Charge


Laban Harry a 38 years old resident of the community of Lauders has been sentenced to a jail term of six years on a charge of manslaughter on April 19th, 2014 upon 35 years old Kelborn Pope.

The sentence was handed down on Monday December 14th, 2018 by Justice Brian Cottle during a sentencing exercise which was carried out at the High Court in capital Kingstown.

Harry was originally indicted on a charge of murder but eventually he entered a guilty plea to a lesser charge with legal advice from defense counsel Kay Bacchus-Baptiste.

The Court heard that on the date in question Harry along with Pope and others were involved in a betting game at a shop at Lauders when Harry borrowed some cash from Pope.

Harry is said to have asked Pope for another loan which and at that time Pope refused and Harry became angry.

He is said to have left the shop then returned with a cutlass and chopped Pope at the back of his neck resulting in Pope’s death.

Reports also indicate that following the incident Law Enforcement Officers went to the home of Harry to arrest him and during such time Harry began using threatening words to the police stating that he will kill all of them.

He was eventually retained by one of the officers who had to pull his gun at him.