Kingstown: Ex-Police Officer Arrested And Charged

St Vincent Police have arrested and charged Ettian Charles,  a 33yr old  Ex-Police Officer of Kingstown.

The arrest was made for allegedly inducing into Her Majesty’s Prison one (1) pink and white Alcatel Cellular Phone and one (1) Digicel Sim Card which are prohibited articles.

According to the police report, this was done at the prison at White Chapel Road, Kingstown on 02.07.19.

Charles is expected to appear before the Magistrate Court to answer the charge.


  1. SVG boasts of being a Christian, God Fearing, Bible Thumping Community. The Bible I own says: “He that knoweth the Will and does not do it, shall be beaten with many stripes. I hope that the Courts make an example of him.

  2. He that is without sin cast the frist stone it in your bible i hope this ex police get back on the right path its never to late however he must face the consquence for his action i agree.

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