High Court To Determine Jerroy Phillips Bail

Justice Brian Cottle will determine whether Jerroy Phillips a resident of Redemption Sharpes who is currently facing a spate of robbery charges be given bail.

Phillips was so informed by Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne on Wednesday 28th when he appeared before her at the Serious Offences Court on another charge of robbery which is said to have occurred at Indian Bay upon Osborne Bowens of Glen the Dean of the Technical College in St. Vincent and the Grenadines on November 1st, 2018.

Phillips is accused of depriving Bowens of one leather wallet which contained $80.00, one cellular phone along with one 9mm pistol and 15 rounds of ammunition where the question of bail arose.

Chief Prosecutor Adolphus Delpesche strongly objected to bail citing that Phillips has a series of robbery charges pending at the Serious Offences Court which are of a similar nature.

He pointed out that he understood that Phillips had applied to the High Court to consider his bail .

As a result, the Chief Magistrate informed Phillips that the High Court will make the decision on all the matters with regards to his bail.


  1. I like how New haven sponsor the ad on this page. How appropriate. By the way how did he deprive the victim of these items?

  2. High Court should deny him bail. He is a menace to society. Society needs to be protected. It is in the public’sector in treat to keep him locked up. There seems to be a surecoviction beyond a reasonable doubt for the alleged killing of Ms little. Lock him up I say.

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