Guards Beaten,Sexually Assaulted, As Gunmen Burglarise Argyle Primary

Three Gunmen broke into the Argyle Primary School sometime around 1 AM on Wednesday 6th September, two Days after school reopened.

The Gunmen relieved the school of food supplies, and in the process held the security officers on duty at Ramson. The three masked men carrying guns such as Glock tied up the Male and Female Security Officer who were on Duty.

They were both Robbed, and the Female Security Officer sexually harassed. The gunmen broke into the principal’s office where they further relieved the school of more food supplies.

The Male Security Guard (Junior Delecia, who is from the Community of Biabou) was beaten, and his car was stolen.

The Car missing is PP69 silver two door Toyota Corolla.  The police are still searching for the car as they carry out their investigation.


  1. Please!give the government a shitting chance everything is the government please is the government sending them to do what they’re doing they just have their nasty mind going around doing things.

  2. I think every business should be arm and secure all premises. Each business should have a license for carrying a firearm for protection especially at schools. It seems like more people have guns on the streets than the government. It’s time everyone come together and find ways of preventing these guys from doing things like this before it happens again

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