Drug Charges Against Hoyte Brothers Withdrawn

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Maxwell Hoyte who was arrested and charged along with his brother Glenroy Hoyte by the Police in Canouan on two separate charges for having in his possession approximately 1,250gms of ganga on September 10th, 2017.

The brothers walked out of the Serious Offences Court on Monday, July 16th, 2018 after the charges were withdrawn against him by Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delpesche.

When the duo who are originally from the community of Sandy Bay appeared before Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne, Glenroy entered a plea of guilty whilst his brother Maxwell maintained his innocence and as a result, the Prosecutor said that he will not proceed against Maxwell.

The brothers’ arrest stemmed from a warrant which was executed at a bunk house where they were residing on the Island on the date in question.

While conducting the search 8gms of the drugs were discovered in a bowl on a dressing table 1,250gms was discovered in a speaker box in Glenroy’s bedroom resulting in the arrest of the brothers.

Glenroy was fined $50.00 for the 8gms or one-week imprisonment and a fine of $2,500.00 was imposed for the 1,250gms.

 $450.00 was to be paid forthwith or two-month jail sentence.

 The balance is to be paid by October 19th, 2018 in default in will spend 9 months at Her Majesty’s Prison.

By St Clair Charles