Cutlass wielding Vincentian deported from Barbados

Photo Barbados Today

(Barbados Today) A cutlass wielding Vincentian who sustained several injuries was on Monday handed over to immigration authorities for his own safety.

Nekeila Ivan Durrant, 21, who lived at School Gap, Hindsbury Road, St Michael, admitted before Acting Magistrate Sandra Rawlins to having the offensive weapon in his possession yesterday, with the intention of committing an act of wounding.

Durrant, who appeared in court wearing a bandage on the left side of his forehead, one on his finger and also revealed he had a laceration to the shoulder, said his cousin had chopped him.

He explained that they were about to “film” a movie when conflict arose after he said, “me ain’t be in no movie”.

Durrant said a fight ensued and when he looked back “the guy blasts a bottle and it burst up my head . . . . I see a cutlass by the side and ran for it and then ran outside. . . and he brother just blasting bottles, blasting bottles.”

However, prosecutor Station Sergeant Carson Henry told the acting magistrate that Durrant was “the aggressor but got the injuries.”

“Let’s call Immigration and get him a safe flight home, because he well cut up,” Henry said, even as he disclosed that Durrant was expected to leave Barbados on Thursday.

Acting Magistrate Rawlins agreed, and reprimanded and discharged Durrant on the charge.