Chester Cottage: 16yro Student Charged With Wounding

Police have arrested and charged a 16 years old Student of Chester Cottage for wounding.

According to investigations, on 27th October 2018 about 9:35pm the 16-year-old Student allegedly wounded a 17-year-old student also of the same address.

This according to the police report by stabbing him to the back of his head with a scissors at Caratal Village, Georgetown.

The Student is expected to appear before the Family Court to answer the charge.

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  1. If found guity jail him, this youth protection is nonsense .This is why youths of today have very high disregard for the law. They commit all kinds of heinous crimes knowing that there is a limitation on the penalty they face because of this age issue. Adults also engage them to be criminals knowning that they are protected by the same limitations in sentencing. As lord Denning said ,”that the law must not only be done it must be seen to be done”.

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