Burglar Shot By Police Dies, Second Suspect In Custody

Deceased Leon Samuel

News784 was reliably informed that the individual shot by Police on Tuesday afternoon while responding to a burglary in Cane Garden has died.

He has been identified as Leon Samuel of New Montrose, a second suspect Kirk Williams who according to information hails from the Sion Hill community is in Police custody.

The drama unfolded around 2:30 pm on Tuesday afternoon when Law Enforcement received reports of Burglars entering the home of a Businessman in the upscale community.

We were further informed that when Officers arrived on the scene, they found Samuel and Williams

Willaims in an apparent bid to escape jumped off the Porch and was apprehended by Police Officers outside, Samuel, however, became defiant and charged at the Police with a “Pig Foot” in his hand.

It was at that time, police in an attempt to disarm Samuel, discharged a Fire Arm and shot him.

He was rushed to the Accident and Emergency Department of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital where he succumbed to his injury.

News784 understands that Samuel was the father of four children.Investigations are ongoing.


    • Our bad economics are creating criminals faster than they can be shot. These guys are trying to feed their families by taking from others that are doing the same. We have no respect for each other or each other’s property. It is true that if you offered many of these people jobs they would refuse it because thy have become culturalized that it is much easier to just disrespectfully to take from those that have more than they have.

      • Abandon pet you are saying it is a justifiable act for the two waste man to go and distroy people lively hood to feed there family. What if the owners of the home invaded were senior citizens they were likely to be killed by these monsters and judging from your rhetoric it is all good because they have to eat. The police should of cap the both of them. Its easier to dig a hole and put them in than put them in jail for the very said faimly they trying to distroy feed them

        • Who ever you are dont blame the economics all over the world things are bad they have no right going into people home to thief both of them should of been killed if it was the other way around and they killed the owners of the house they were at what would you say then

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  2. Bad economics my a…The criminals use any excuse not to work but grab what other people worked hard for. Got back into small scale farming only to be told yesterday that ‘reapers’ were there! One less for public upkeep in jail. And for those who put a political spin as excuse for crime, just shut up and check out the background of these criminals.

  3. Good job That’s how we have to get them. .Dont want to work but quick to take what you work hard for. I am so happy more to go this way.

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