BREAKING: Murder At Casson Hill

News784 have just received information of another act of gun violence on the island of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The information remains sketchy, however, it is reported at this time that a man was shot while in a vehicle.

The police at publication time was trying to ascertain the name of the individual. At the time of his death, he was the driver of a white Audi P3828

This incident occurred at Casson Hill. We will update soon.

31yro man survives Kidnapping and Beating on Friday Night


  1. A greater level of proactivity is required by the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVPF) in order to prevent and reduce crime. Regular patrols,increase interaction with our communities and surveilance operations can shape the organizations understanding of the key factors that drive crime.

    Traditional approaches to policing have not serve us well. An over reliance and militarize patrols by the RRU and the SSU have hardly lead to a reduction in violent crimes over the years. Less than 20 percent of the Police Force have daily interaction with our communities. Take a drive around and you would notice most of the Officers sits at the Stations during the day. A vast majority of the Stations operate on skeleton staff while many officers perform non core policing functions such as guarding the National Lottery, which can be done by a private security agency. They are unable to respond to reports or make their presence felt because of a lack of transportation. Additionally, there appears to be a lack of forward thinking by the leadership of the organization.

    An effective policing strategy requires a twenty four hour mobile presence within each community. This can be achieved by first increasing the number of Police Officers at each station to a minimum of 30 officers. Second increasing the number of Police vehicles to a minimum of 5 at each station. The use of motor bikes should be considered in the absence of vehicles. Such measure can be very cost effective. Third, each station should run three 8 hours shift based on a 24 hour cycle. An officer reports to work which his shift commences and return home on conclusion. This would enable the police to maintain a mobile presence in their communities of at least two vehicles on patrol at all times.

    Ideally, it would be best to utalize police officers from within their communities and neighbouring communities. This would serve two purposes. Local knowledge possess by these officers would help in targeting prolyphic offenders. Additionally, the fact that these officers know the persons in their communities would help cultivate better partnerships and working relationships.

    The strategy outlined above would reduce crime and the fear of crime within our communities. Policing is an interactive profession. Increase public interaction and decentralization of police operations would make our communities safer. However, this is a difficult sell to the leadership of the force who continues to be very traditional in their approach to policing and public safety.

  2. Honestly as a vincentian I think poverty is the real culprit here svg wealth only circulates around a chosen few who are retired. Cost of living increasing everyday and the hardest workers if you’re lucky to have a job gets the smallest pay and that’s if you’re lucky cause there’s nuff youths out here with educational qualifications n still nutnu nar gwaan fi dem 1 thing definite tho shit needs to change👌💯 like 2pac said if there ain’t no hopes for the youth there ain’t no hope for the future👐

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