Dead Man Found In Stubbs

Barbados ,murder, 2019

News784 was informed of a murder which took place in the community of Stubbs. Stubbs village is located at the southern end of Argyle Beach.

According to the information obtained the body of a male was discovered at the back of a house earlier on Sunday 18th November 2018.

The body according to the information was partially burnt. Police are investigating the find. This is breaking news we will update in a later post.

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  1. Burglary, rape, murder. Burglary, rape, murder. Burglary, rape, murder, muggings. Burglary, rape, murder. Day after day, day after day. Our communities are in despair! What shall we as individuals do when even dem government minister’s families are not safe?

    Man dead, Woman dead, child rape, man stab, woman cut, woman rape. Ah na Venezuela dis star. Dis yah now SVG. Welcome to we hell! Dis yah ah we Hell, day after day, week after week!

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