August 9, 2020

70yro Man Struck By Vehicle At Campden Park

Police are investigating a Motor Vehicle Accident involving Motor Vehicle R-1255, a silver Escudo owned by Rohan Deroche of Murrays Village.

The police report said the vehicle was driven by Deono Arrindel of Lower Questelles, and involved Pedestrian Curtis Edwards, 70 years old of Campden Park.

According to reports, motor vehicle R-1255 was travelling from the industrial site on the Campden park road when it struck the pedestrian who was walking along the public road.

Edwards received slight injuries to his right arm and was taken to the Campden Park Clinic, where he was treated and discharged.

The incident occurred along the Campden Park public road on the 29.05.2018 about 9:19 am.

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