21yro stabbed to death in Kingstown

Photo Credit: Hot97.1fm

A Young man is now dead following what appeared to be an altercation, with an unknown man in Capital city Kingstown.

Police in Kingstown told News784 that dead is Kesroy King 21-year-old labourer of Sion Hill. The stabbing took place at 7.40am  this morning in the vicinity of the Methodist Church.

Investigations into the matter are ongoing.


  1. Mean to tell me hospital is right there and an ambulance couldn’t come to help!!! I am so sick and tired of losing my friends to these kinds of things! Prime minister should have more ambulances or backup vehicles. What if multiple accidents were to happen in one day? What would they do? What is St. Vincent really coming to? I am so pissed off as a 16 year old, something needs to be done. These crimes must stop. Families need justice. Death sentence should come back into place. Honestly i do not feel safe in this country anymore.

  2. Another young life lost to violence as frustration and anomie takes hold of SVG society and we ask ourselves why?

    Well Guys anomie is normal it our situation! Guys, our Economy has not grown for years, so good work and income is scarce resulting in the frustration we see in the lives around us.

    As to the Ambulance, no one have given an Ambulance recently, so where would that extra Ambulance suddenly come from? Plus an extra Ambulance would need a Driver and a Nursing assistant and they would both have to be paid. So ask yourselves, aah waaha we aah go beg now?

    We just need to go further across the world and enlarge our “Begging Bowl” if we need that extra Ambulance and Ambulance crew! Or add just that a little more TAX on SALT or perhaps the Barrels

    So let us all just face it guys, we are going off to hell in a handbasket! Or to put it another way, we are up the River and without a paddle!

    No! We cannot bring back hanging either, because those countries who normally give us the money to keep things going here, as a result of the fact that we did not grow our Economy, they would not put any more dollars into our begging Bowl. Therefore, this truly leaves us up the swanny without a paddle!

  3. May be it’s time for citizens to start a sueing the Government for neglect. There are to many unemployed persons in SVG. Idleness resulting from unemployment is a major cause of criminality and violence. If we were to structure our economy properly we would be able to employ more people and create opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

    A failing school system and poor parenting are also at play here. A child should be taught the attributes of good citizen from the time he is able to understand until he finishes college. To much time is being spent on teaching children to be successful rather than striking a balance between being good upstanding citizens and becoming successful achievers. The issue is there is no point in teaching a child to be successful if you are not teaching that child the attributes of a good citizen. You would ultimately end up with some academically intelligent persons who have criminal and violent tendencies. Good manners and positive attributes should be reinforce throughout a persons life especially in school.

    Finally, the police are to adopt a zero tolerance approach against persons carrying and possessing offensive weapons. Be it a nife, cutlass, dagger or any sharpen object. If you are a farmer or vendor you should possess a license to take a cutlass or nife around. To many persons are allowed to take offensive weapons around without being challenged by the Police.

    If we want a stable and successful country our government has to adopt a more clever approach in stimulating the economy. Our Police have to be properly ressourced and trained. Our school system have be more realistic and face up to the challenges of today’s society.

    • Sane thing I’m always saying. As if crimes didn’t happen before this prime minister was in office. The killing was an individual thing. Was he sent by the prime mi later to kill. No matter how harsh the sentence is for criminals. Itwont stop crimes from happening..

    • Augustus shit head Carr why you don’t stop do what you’re doing and go sue the government you chatting shit,is the government sending them to do what they’re doing .

  4. Even if the ambukance came for him he would of still died from his injuries you ppl too much. A uoung man was savagely attack and all i can hear is the ambulance didnt even come. And you all there stand over his body not doing shit

  5. Time for the Government to install CCTV in strategic locations to help prevent crime and to assist investigators in solving crimes. A DNA strategy should also be put in place to capture the DNA of all persons arrested and those persons who wish to volunteer for such. A DNA Strategy would be a significant boost in solving Crimes.

  6. One must take issue with Solita’s stance! Solita ask whether crimes took place before this Prime Minister came into Office, to which the answer is an obvious yes, it did! Solita further ask, was the killer sent by the Prime Minister, to which the answer must be, most highly unlikely!

    However, what Solita is here ignoring is that crimes have increased tremendously under this administration and the administration appears to have no answer at all to stop its constant year on year rise.

    It is they Solita, who after all, is responsible for the upkeep of Law and Order in the state and it is required of them, to show some initiative in doing more to stop this rise, instead of just standing by and watching the nation degenerate into outright anarchy.

    Indeed they above all who are partly responsible for this prevailing state of lawlessness. This administration with their red shirts and bully-boy behaviour have undermined our judiciary. The Police too, appears to be just a tool of the administration, rather than a community service to the nation.

    For truth, one even would go as far as to say, that this administration, have single-handedly destroyed just about every good civic institution that was left to us by our former colonial masters, the British.

    One would say that the administration is a dictatorship that works to its own advantage through cronyism, repulsive Red-shirt patronage and ghastly nepotism, generating a grotesque state of lawlessness.

  7. WE must stop engaging in verbal attacks and the politicization of every incident are events that takes place in SVG. People are busy pointing fingers at government,ambulance and cursing each other. No one thus far express sympathy for the tragic loss of the young man’s life, and express condolences to his family. For it’s them who feels it most.
    Many people who commented had mostly positive things to say, even those who politicize the issue. The truth is, there has been an upsurge in crime in many countries,not just SVG. The question is, how we are going to deal with our crime situation. My take to reduce crime and violence is the following: get young people involved, in civic,cultural and economic activities. Teach them to engage each other like it use to be instead of engaging the dumb-smart phone and social media! lets become human again instead of robots. Remember,robots don’t show human emotions. Parents you love your children so don’t be complicit.You have a right to stress the importance of a decent education and monitor their cell phone activity. let them engage in civic activities: scout,cadet, girls guide,youth groups,sports group ect.This will help to teach them the value of hard work and participation in society. All youths must feel included: Paul’s ave, Up Town, Down Town, Sharps, Sion Hill, Edinboro, Atley Hall-all ah dem ! There needs to be more Professional sporting facilities in SVG. A national stadium would do some justice.

    We need to develop our local economy so that more of our youths will be employed. we cannot only blame it on our Ruling party cause all ah we hav fo get involved and become more creative. The elites and business class should lead the way however. STOP IMPORTING everything INNAH SVG. Develop our local economy: Modern Hotels, Agro- processing( fruit juices, coconut oil, black fish oil for export and the like). Some more technical and vocational school are needed.I went a bit far but I just wanted, not only to criticize but to show, show how crime and violence may be reduced.

    • Interesting comment Paul Cummings. Unfortunately most everything in SVG is politicized. The current Government is mainly responsible for that. What the current government does not take responsibility for is the breakdown in our institutions and society. There is only so much churches can do. Very sadly we do not have real leadership in Saint Vincent, just a blowhard quasi dictator. Yes, in most places in the world things have gotten worse since 11 September 2001, but not everywhere! Countries that go along with the LOSER GLOBAL ESTABLISHMENT AGENDA are all becoming looser partners, (see Germany and Sweden wanting to import as many refugees as possible to destroy their society). Some that do not go along with the agenda are also becoming losers, such as Venezuela, that just has a terrible system! Saint Vincent unfortunately has a self-serving leader that is addicted to power.

  8. Do not put your head in the sand Paul! You say that we need to develop our local Economy but hello, hello, who is responsible for the failure of such? The path that this Administration has taken over so many years regarding businesses has destroyed the SVG economy.

    Business development needs a conducive environment in order to develop and to succeed. A high tax economy where nepotism and crony Capitalism is the only game in town stifles initiatives and destroys job creation.

    This Government has chosen a path of hostility to independent Businesses unless it is ran or owned by one of its red shirted cronies. And it has filled the gap of poor TAX Income by begging Nations abroad and imposing sky high Taxes here at home. The result for jobs therefore, is that they mainly and largely exist in its bureaucracy and among its red shirted sycophants.

    Augustus has made many good points and modern technologies do have a role to play in today’s crime prevention. CCTV has a very good role to play in the prevention of crime and in the capturing of evidence in the prosecution but acquiring and installing the necessary items requires money.

    It therefore comes down to a matter of priorities! Does this Administration have the will or the inclination to pursue and defeat the rising crime rate? Would it direct funds to the modern technologies that could aid in Law enforcement?

    I have been informed by someone who knows, that there is a distinctive prohibitive high Tax on CCTV imports. A high taxation on such an item that prevents crime, is just plainly foolish, rather one would have thought that there would be a Tax incentive in order to encourage their use but this administration is lacking in ideas. It’s has been in office so long, that it is set in it’s ways

    Smart Phones and their likes capture CCTV images on the go, so far from restricting young people from the regular use of their Smart Phones, they could be a positive influence in the reduction of crime in the state.

    In sum Paul, we cannot go back to yesterdays civic recreational but we can take a fresh look as to where we are as a society. Further, the outdated politics of this administration have destroyed jobs, suppressed and stifled initiatives, leaving a large number of us out of work.

    Idleness causes Anomie and frustration, leading to a disjointed society. So yes, in my opinion, this administration has a lot to answer for and it must take responsibility for the high crime rate that is now destroying SVG.

  9. If my memory serves me right the LOSTPET who claimed that he’s not a Vincentian do have a lot to say about our Vincentian affairs. I guess the PET found a home in SVG and its no better that where he came from.
    As to the no brainer from wizard of oz who believes he should speak for every Vincentian and if you don’t say I agree you going to be thrown to the sharks.
    Instead of blowing hot air and say who should do this and that, show the world that you care about St.Vincent step up and put what you are preaching into practice lets see if your efforts would make a difference.

  10. Scorpio,

    You are obviously and illiterate bafoon. It seems like you have just emerged from the jungles of La Sufrierre; very malnourished and shallow. You seem to be one of those who voted for the goverment for two sheets galvanize.

    Let me educate you. The root causes of crime are very diverse. They are social,economical,psychological,biological, and sociological. Additionally, crime is intrinsically linked to poor governance and the government inability to take care of its people as this government have demonstrated time a time again. They have appease the marijuana farmers who are responsible for flooding SVG with guns and fueling the violence. They have failed to properly train and equip the police instead the police have to depend on handouts from the USA, Canada and England. Ask yourself these questions, how could a man walk around Kingstown with a Knife and stab another in the Capital city few yards from the Central Police Station and few yards from your parliament building? Who is responsible for national security? How much of these such incidents we have had in Kingstown over the past twenty years?

    The past two governments have hardly done anything to reduce the unemployment rate in SVG. Instead they continue to make the government bigger, taxation higher and the people poorer and very frustrated, and more economically deprived. The young people have no choice to survive but to deal drugs and steal because of successive governments inability to provide oprtunities for them that would enable them to be economically empowered. Poor nutrition from ones inability to feed himself leads to violet the tendencies. It is so evident that there are so many people in our country who cannot afford a balance diet. Look at Jamaica, SVG, Nicaragua, Trinidad and Tobago and South Africa and you would see they have a lot in common. They all have high murder rates, dysfunctional goverments, high unemployment rate, a high rate of poverty and very poor nutrition.

    If you are educated as I am you would realise the Government is responsible for the state of affairs in the country. So you see Scorpio because you are a numskull you can’t see the rational of my point.

    I am not surprise at your response. It is typical malnourished child like yourself. Your response demonstrate your propensity to display the same violent tendencies like the ignorant individual who just killed that poor young man. This is not a forum for people like you. It is only for the educated and you obviously do not fall into this category.

  11. My comments are not political. I have no political affiliation to any party or individual in SVG. I have voted once. I will continue to contribute to development of SVG but I will never vote again. Both political parties are very much like each other. They are filled up of self seeking individuals.

    My criticisms are design to be constructive. Ask each of the politician what is his/her motivation for being in politics. If they are honest they would tell you it is in opportunity to make money. None will say to you it is for the love of the country and the betterment of their people. Suspend their salaries for four (4) months and you would see how much of them would turn up for work.

    Open up your eyes Vincentians take control of your country and your destiny. Years of a spiraling murder rate is unacceptable. Demand more attention from your government and police for security. I hope the culprit of this heinous crime is brought to justice.

  12. Agusta Carr, can you not get your point across without calling others these degrading names? Why do you thing that name calling has any affect on someone to whom you ascribe these descriptive words? Name calling always have a bommerang effect.

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