Russia Registers Its Second COVID-19 Vaccine: EpiVacCorona

Russia Registers Its Second COVID-19 Vaccine: EpiVacCorona

In less than a year, this country has managed to develop two vaccines in its public research centers. A third vaccine is on the way.


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He pointed out that the vaccine called “EpiVacCorona” will have an initial production of 60,000 doses, which would be supplied to 40,000 volunteers during clinical trials.

On Sept. 30, the Vektor Center concluded phases 1 and 2 of the EpiVacCorona clinical trials and demonstrated that this antiviral is safe for delivery to humans.

The EpiVacCorona vaccine is a synthetic preparation and this differentiates it from the first Russian registered vaccine, the Sputnik V, which is based on a “cold” version of the new coronavirus and was developed by the Gamaleya Research Center.

During a meeting with his cabinet, the Russian President also revealed that his country would present a third COVID-19 vaccine in a short time.

“The Chumakov Scientific Center for Research and Development of Immune and Biological Products is developing another vaccine as well,” Putin said.

This research facility is expected to start clinical trials of its COVID-19 vaccine in Kirov and St. Petersburg on October 19, as reported by TASS.