Indians warned they could be SHOT if they defy coronavirus lockdown

(DAILY MAIL) – Indians have been warned they could be shot if they defy the coronavirus lockdown with thousands queuing for food today despite social distancing advice.

Three more people died overnight as the health ministry said the number of cases had risen to 649, including 13 dead.

But despite the populace of 1.3billion being told to stay indoors by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, thousands were seen lining up close behind each other to get into bustling markets in Delhi, Kolkota and Mumbai on Thursday.

Yesterday there were chaotic scenes across the nation with police beating violators of the lockdown with rattan canes and forcing others to crouch down in chalk circles to teach them about social distancing.

In the southern state of Telangana the chief minister, Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar, made the most ruthless threat to anyone who continues to flout the rules.

‘Please don’t let it come to this,’ he said. ‘The administration cannot stop everyone and I will have to call in the army or issue ‘shoot at sight’ orders. Please stay at home.’

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