In this sense, Maduro explained that the law "will allow for the creation of mechanisms to improve the nations' income." Furthermore, it will stimulate internal economic activity and carry out productive alliances. The letter highlights the deadly impact of the U.S. blockade on the Venezuelan people as research carried out by the U.S. Center for Economic and Policy Research revealed that the blockade "is responsible for at least 400.000 deaths" in the country. Despite several attempts by the U.S. government to discredit Venezuela's electoral process, president Nicolás Maduro explained that all democratic conditions were established to hold the legislative elections on December 6 2020 as over 90 percent of political organizations have registered before the National Electoral Council.

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Venezuela: President Maduro To Present Anti-Blockade Bill Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro on Sunday announced that he will present an Anti-Blockade Constitutional Bill to the National Constituent Assembly (ANC). During his intervention in the meeting of […]