Behind the scenes of the profession (part two)

If you have a problem, the person you should run to is God. However, when challenges of many kind faces you as a teacher, who do you turn to? “The Teachers Union... Read more »

Land Of My Birth (Part Three) By Glenroy Thomas

You know when something is beautiful when you would’ve seen the ugly. You don’t fully know what you are made of until you are compared to something else. Have you ever visited... Read more »

The Comments Section – By Glenroy Thomas

To be objective is hard when you are biased to your own opinion. The lack of objectivity places blinders on our eyes and the reality we see is a false one created... Read more »

Questions to ask your self before you make it official with someone

By Glenroy Thomas Relationships aren’t the same like before. we no longer date to get married; we date for fun. When we see someone we like we only see sexual desires being... Read more »

Why Did You Allow This To Happen To Me GOD?

By Glenroy Thomas Questions we have, answers we don’t. I am losing courage Lord because I don’t see the gain. I am hopeless Lord because I can’t see your face. If I take... Read more »

I’m social media By – Glenroy Thomas

My name is social media have you heard about me yet? Maybe you have heard about my different personalities: Facebook, twitter, Instagram and snapchat. Wait I think I recognized you. On this... Read more »

Scared to use your voice so all you have is your sight

By Glenroy W. Thomas Scared to use your voice so all you have is your sight, social loafing is the norm so it’s alright. Stacked with bags the elderly passed by. “She... Read more »

“Land Of My Birth” By Glenroy W. Thomas

Land of my birth I pledge to thee; There is no other place in this world I’ll rather be. I recently discovered that the Caribbean is made up of just three countries:... Read more »