Worrying Trend For Caribbean Immigrants?

News Americas – Should Caribbean immigrants and Caribbean Americans in the United States, many of whom are black, be more worried, in light of the latest FBI Hate Crimes report?

The agency  said White hate crimes across the USA is growing steadily, with more whites committing racial attacks in 2017 than any other race group.

In 2017, over 3,227 of the hate crime offenders were White, with the most, or 1,084 charged with intimidation. Another 840 were charged with simple assault while 530 were charged with aggravated assault and 571 with crimes against property including destruction, damage and vandalism.

Another disturbing trend in the report showed that blacks and Jews, more than any other group, were increasingly the victims of biased attacks. Some 2,358 of all racially motivated incidents reported were against blacks or African-Americans while 976 were against Jews.

Since Caribbean immigrants are not singled out as a bloc, it is unclear how many of the black victims of hate crime are Caribbean immigrants.

The number of hate crimes reported in the United States jumped by 17 percent last year, the largest increase since 2001 when the terrorist hijackings on 9/11 fueled a surge in attacks on Americans of Muslim and Arab ancestry.

U.S. law enforcement agencies reported a total of 7,175 hate crimes in 2017, up from 6,121 in 2016 and the third consecutive annual increase. Race and religion remained the two biggest drivers of hate crimes in 2017 with 3,272 victims attacked because of race.

Only 525 Hispanic victims were reported and 128 Arabs but 314 attacks against Muslims were reported.

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