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Venezuela denounces the theft of CITGO in UN convention

During the ninth period of the Anti-Corruption and Asset Recovery Convention in the United Nations , held in Vienna, the Government of Venezuela denounced the strategies of the United States administration to illegally take over Venezuelan companies and assets.

“We have made a denunciation to the world in this important international forum, of the modality that some countries of the world like the United States have, to take over our riches to commit acts of corruption,” said the Venezuelan general controller, Elvis Amoroso, in the session. In addition, the official revealed that the funds of Venezuela which have been frozen or confiscated by 50 banking institutions in 26 countries, hamper the free trade of the nation.

President of Venezuela receives dialogue report in Norway: “We believe in peace”

President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, received the report from the government delegation on the progress of the dialogue with the opposition, in the capital of Norway.

Head of the government delegation, Jorge Rodríguez, Minister of the People’s Power for Communication and Information, was in charge of delivering the report on the dialogue trip, which began on May 20th with sectors of the Venezuelan opposition in order to advance on agreements for the political stability of the country.

NGO denounces violation of human rights for US blockade to Venezuela

The Latin American Foundation for Human Rights, Fundalatin, denounced that after the blockade of the United States Government on CITGO, Venezuelan subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa), the aid issued by this institution for medical treatments, surgical operations and bone marrow transplants were stopped in their entirety, leaving the population totally helpless.

In this regard, the president of the Non-Governmental Organization, María Eugenia Russián, said that four children who were part of the group of 26 oncological patients who were moved to Argentina have died due to the obstruction of the aid system provided by PDVSA and its subsidiaries “Four patients are clinically stable, and 15 patients in critical health, mostly children and adolescents who received aid through the subsidiary Citgo,” the treatment of these persons has been interrupted since the United States heightened the financial blockade on Venezuela, Russián denounced.

 Parlasur calls for dialogue and peace in Venezuela

Parlasur made a new call for dialogue and peace in Venezuela, stating that it supports initiatives such as Norway, direct negotiation between the government and the opposition, because they ensure “the right to self-determination of peoples, territorial integrity, the cessation of harassment and the wide range of unilateral economic and financial coercive measures that directly impact the Venezuelan population. “

The parliament denounced that, in the United States, different actors such as the representatives of the opposition Juan Guaidó, are promoting the direct military intervention of the Southern Command in Venezuela: “and so they have been requesting it openly with the support of some antidemocratic and warmongering actors in Colombia, the United States and the Lima Group, “he said.

Venezuelan health agreements with other countries are limited by US blockade

On repeated occasions, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has denounced a campaign promoted by media and political groups that support US’ efforts to generate a change of government in Venezuela.

Since the arrival of Hugo Chávez to the Presidency of Venezuela, the country has resisted the constant aggressions of the United States and its allies, through coups d’etat, induced inflation, attacks on the national currency and threats of military intervention, have been some of the actions promoted by external agents to justify an arbitrary change of Government.

However, the Venezuelan foreign minister confirmed that resources were sent from the country through Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), and were retained in Novo Banco (Portugal), as part of the blockade measures maintained by the government presided by Donald Trump against the South American country.

 Foreign Minister Arreaza denounces new US plan to attack Venezuela

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, denounced a new plan orchestrated by researchers linked to the United States Government which intends to generate files to distort the image of the country.

Through his Twitter account, the diplomat said that the alleged US intelligence officials are “financed by corporations with clear interests in Venezuela” and have as their main purpose to confuse public opinion. According to the work done by the Truth mission website, the report would be used as an excuse to justify any action or attack against the South American nation.

President Maduro highlights the commitment of the Armed Forces in Venezuela

President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, highlighted the commitment of the Bolivian National Armed Forces (FANB) in the necessary training to guarantee the defense of national sovereignty.

On Monday, the Head of State addressed the meeting with the Territorial Defensive System, composed of the commanders of the different Integral Defense Regions (REDI), the Zones of Integral Defense (ZODI) and the Bolivarian National Militia. “Our men and women of the FANB are in permanent training to develop the highest professional capacity and put it at the service of the defense of national sovereignty that is the commitment to the country!” He wrote in his Twitter account.

Latin American Meeting of Local Governments and Participatory Democracy to be held in Caracas

From June 5th -9th, the first Latin American Meeting of Local Governments and Participatory Democracy will be held in Caracas, an event that will bring together more than 100 local authorities from Latin America and the Caribbean to build ties of cooperation and exchange views on new forms of government management, with the intention of moving forward jointly towards strengthening participatory democracy and promoting effective policies to solve the needs of the people.

Government of Venezuela warns of consequences of alteration of documents in unauthorized agencies

The legitimate government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela denounced last Saturday the announcements of creation of false Venezuelan consular affairs management agencies, whose procedures would have no value or legal effect.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has a vigorous network of 118 consular offices in 89 countries that provide daily assistance to the public that come to request various services. The only Venezuelan documents accepted as valid throughout the world are those issued by the authentic Venezuelan government authorities and managed through the systems under the control, supervision and updating of the Venezuelan State.

Venezuelan children with oncological pathologies will be treated in Cuba

“The government of Cuba has offered – and has already coordinated – the care of four children who will be treated in that nation,” announced the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro during the national presentation of the Integral Plan of Attention to Victims of the Economic War.

He added that the fight against the collateral and perverse effects of this financial persecution cannot be neglected, which has caused the treatments for bone marrow transplant and other diseases of Venezuelan patients to be suspended in different parts of the world because the resources for financing have been blocked.. “We have the money for our people but the banks do not receive payments from PDVSA because of the blockade and illegal sanctions by the US government,” he said.