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Venezuelan Government and opposition present new advances of the National Dialogue Table

In the framework of a new meeting of the National Dialogue Table between the Government delegation chaired by Nicolás Maduro and the Venezuelan opposition, on Friday,their spokesmen presented new progress made between the two sides.

The representative of the Government, Deputy Francisco Torrealba, congratulated the deputies who took a step forward with the election of a new board of directors in the National Assembly, held on Sunday in the Legislative precinct. “The current board of directors was elected by a majority of Deputies,” recalled the parliamentarian, who stressed that this position is only exercised at the headquarters of the National Assembly and not in places that do not correspond. They also plan to meet with the members of the new board of directors.

Venezuelan opposition deputies reject Guaidó in the National Assembly

On Sunday, January 5th, Venezuelan opposition Deputies denounced Juan Guaidó of corruption and proposed a new Board of Directors of the National Assembly without the parliamentarian of Voluntad popular party at the head of the legislative body, in a year marked by corruption and continuation of contempt of this body.

Parliamentarians rebelled against Guaidó for having used the presidency of parliament as a personal project to enrich himself. “In this 2019 that has just concluded, you were the hope of the country, today you are the biggest disappointment, you could be the future, but today you are and you will be the past, you were a dream turned into a nightmare, Juan Guaidó from today your time has ended ”, Indicated the right-wing opposition deputy, José Brito.

Venezuela elects new National Assembly directive

Venezuela elected a new directive of the National Assembly for the period 2020-2021, which will be chaired by opposition Deputy Luis Parra, while Juan Guaidó loses re-election.

The decision comes after fractures and cross accusations of corruption and despotism between the opposition ranks. After 1:00 local time, the act of swearing in of the new representatives of the National Parliament was held at the headquarters of the Federal Legislative Palace in Caracas.

Luis Eduardo Parra (PJ) assumes the presidency of the National Assembly; Flanklin Duarte of the Copei party, the first vice presidency; and in the second vice presidency will be José Gregorio Goyo Noriega, of voluntad popular, while Negal Morales of Democratic Action will serve as secretary of Parliament. The National Assembly has a Board of directors composed of a President, a first Vice president and a second Vice president, as well as secretary and deputy secretary, who are elected annually with the minimum presence of what’s called ‘absolute majority’ or simple (half plus one of the legislators, that is, 84 deputies).

President of Venezuelan National Assembly: We will reactivate the legislative agenda

The new president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Luis Parra, assured on Monday, January 6th that the new installed directive will work to “reactivate the legislative agenda” and move towards the formation of a National Electoral Council to regulate the next election days in the country.

Deputy of the Venezuelan opposition political party Primera Justicia questioned the performance of Deputy Juan Guaidó who tried to prevent the vote for the board of directors of parliament. “There was no Guaidó policy, what it was, was a hoax,” Parra said, and said the opposition bloc regrouped to end that representation that “offered nothing to the country.”

Minister Arreaza rejects US interventionist attempts against Venezuela

Foreign Minister of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza rejected interventionist pronouncements of the United States (US), after the election of the new board of the National Assembly in Caracas.

“We reject the vulgar interventionism of the Trump Administration in internal affairs of Venezuela and its institutions. They do not quite understand that we are an independent and sovereign country. They should deal with the disaster they intend to cause with new wars for oil,” said Minister Arreaza.

He also reiterated that the White House must respect the sovereign and democratic decision of the powers of the Venezuelan State, “they do not quite understand that we are an independent and sovereign country. They should deal with the disaster they intend to cause with new wars for oil,” he added.

Venezuela condemns US military attack in Iraq

The Venezuelan government condemned the military attack carried out by the United States against Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, in which the Quds Force commander, General Qassem Soleimani, was killed.

Through a statement published by Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, Venezuela expressed its firm condemnation of the incident, which occurred at dawn, when a missile attack was registered near Baghdad International Airport and the car in which Soleimani was in was impacted. “It is an action that clearly raises tensions in the region, without any basis in international law, directly against a military chief and a group of high-ranking officials of a sovereign country, who were in the area of conflict “, the text refers.


President Nicolás Maduro: We will move on to an economy of growth, progress and prosperity

Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, granted the first interview of the year to the Spanish intellectual, Ignacio Ramonet, where he made a summary of 2019, as well as a socio-political and economic prospecting of the country for 2020.

“We had to go self-regulating the state spending, prioritizing until the last dollar that we entered to buy medicine, food and vital supplies (…) the economy began to self-regulate, a good part of the things that were imported and sold with the state oil dollar, began to be imported with the private dollar, “said President Maduro.

Referring to the illegal economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States (USA), the head of state highlighted the resistance economy policies he has undertaken, “we are working, making the game of economic stability, of economic growth “he added. Despite the illegal economic sanctions, the President reiterated that the revolution will not neglect social programs, “76 percent of the Nation’s budget for the year 2020 will be destined to social investment (…) our model of the missions have guaranteed 3 million houses, “he added.