August 13, 2020

Weekly report Venezuela in the news

Venezuela strengthens relations with indigenous peoples of the US

Foreign Minister of Venezuela, Jorge Arreraza, met this week with Professor Nike Estes and the Red Nation team, both indigenous representatives of the United States to strengthen ties of solidarity, in the context of the First International meeting of Indigenous Peoples.

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister indicated that the meeting was inspired by the Indo-American socialism of the Peruvian writer and journalist José Carlos Mariátegui, who was the first to bring European socialism closer to the characteristics of Latin America.

I International Congress of Indigenous Peoples culminates in Venezuela

President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, participated on Thursday in the closing ceremony of the First International Congress of Indigenous Peoples, in La Llovizna Park, Bolívar state.

In the meeting were representatives of 25 native peoples, from Mexico, the United States, Peru, Cuba, Honduras, Brazil, El Salvador, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize, Chile and others. Its purpose was to discuss the needs of the native peoples of America.

In this regard, they worked together with 400 national delegates to devise, propose and plan actions that articulate the struggles of the indigenous peoples of several countries.

President Nicolás Maduro: The implementation of the agreements of the dialogue have begun

President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced on Wednesday that the implementation of the agreements of the National Dialogue Table made up of the Bolivarian Government and sectors of the Venezuelan opposition,  have already commenced.

 “It is Important that the agreements of the National Dialogue Board have begun to be implemented, one of the agreements is to appoint a new National Electoral Council, which of the broadest guarantees,” said President Maduro from the Miraflores Palace.

The President also said that he has received messages from all sectors of the opposition about their willingness to participate and register candidates for the 2020 parliamentary elections if the National Electoral Council (CNE) is renewed.

Venezuela and Russia strengthen cooperation in housing areas

As part of the celebration of World Cities Day 2019 in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, the Venezuelan Minister for Habitat and Housing, Ildemaro Villarroel, highlighted the cooperation between both nations in that area.

Villarroel explained that he held a work meeting with the Minister of Construction, Housing and Habitat of Russia, Vladimir Vladimirovich Yakuschev, in order to reinforce “housing strategies”.

Venezuelan deputies join the renewal of the National Electoral Council CNE

The deputies of the Bloque de la Patria who were incorporated into the National Assembly (AN) of Venezuela, announced that they are joining the work commission of the Parliament to participate in the renewal of the members of the National Electoral Council (CNE) and electoral guarantees for the parliamentary elections planned in 2020.

Venezuela and UN strengthen cooperation in humanitarian assistance

The Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs, Marck Lowcock, began a work visit to Venezuela with the aim of strengthening cooperation in the area of ​​humanitarian assistance, official sources reported.

Lowcock, also the Emergency Relief coordinator, held a meeting with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza as the first activity of his visit, the Foreign Ministry said in a message on Twitter. Arreaza and Lowcock reviewed the humanitarian technical assistance plan between the United Nations and the Government of the South American country.

 Venezuela strengthens diplomatic relations with Antigua and Barbuda

President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, received the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gastón Browne, to strengthen bilateral diplomatic relations.

“The meeting aimed to strengthen diplomatic relations and ties of friendship, respect and cooperation based on the self-determination of peoples between both nations,” says a press release from the Ministry of Communication and Information. Both authorities discussed projects for the development of the two countries, given the commercial and financial blockade imposed illegally by the United States.

President. Maduro: The people stand up against the IMF model

President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, affirmed in the framework of the closing of the Third Anti-Imperialist Congress against Neoliberalism from Cuba, that the peoples of the region have risen up against wild capitalism. “It was Cuba that summoned the world to debate, to study, to unmask the policies of financial domination of the International Monetary Fund … Cuba occupies a primary role for the unity of the peoples,” said the head of state.

Venezuela expels diplomatic personnel from El Salvador

The Government of Venezuela announced that it has decided to declare persona non grata to the members of the diplomatic personnel of El Salvador in Caracas, giving them a period of 48 hours to leave Venezuelan territory.

In a statement, the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that in accordance with the principle of reciprocity, diplomatic personnel from El Salvador were expelled in Caracas, after the Salvadoran government announced the expulsion of Venezuelan diplomatic personnel

Venezuela urges Contact Group to support advances in the dialogue

The Government of Venezuela urged the European Union and the members of the International Contact Group to get to know and support the progress made during the national dialogue with various sectors of the opposition.

Through a communiqué shared by Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, he urged them  to maintain reliable channels of information and support the process of the Dialogue Table established last September, highlighting the recent conversations and the realization of political agreements for “coexistence and peace in Venezuelan society. “

Alba Bank celebrates its eleventh anniversary with international seminar

The Bank of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-Peoples’ Trade Agreement (Banalba) celebrated this Tuesday, November 5th , the 11th anniversary of its constitution, through the International Seminar “Developing the present”, in which academics and specialists shared their knowledge and analysis linked to the regional financial architecture, its alternatives and challenges.

From the headquarters of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), in Caracas, with the presence of representatives of the accredited diplomatic corps in the country and the moderation of journalist Patricia Villegas, President of the transnational television station Telesur; Giulio Palermo (Italy) talked about the myth of the global market; Lucas Castiglioni (Argentina) spoke about the role of hegemonic international financial architecture in debt crises; Luciano Wexell Severo (Brazil) addressed the point of new human talent for a new regional financial architecture and Raúl Li Causi (Venezuela) presented Banalba’s contribution to the development and construction of a new regional financial architecture.

Sidor exceeded the production goal at Pellas Plant

For the month of October Sidor exceeded the production goal at the Pelino Plant of the Orinoco Ferrominera, reaching a total of 142,126 tons of input.

The goal for the month of October of this plant, located in the Punta Cuchillo Industrial Complex, Matanzas industrial area, Puerto Ordaz, Bolívar state, amounted to 140,961 tons . This figure was exceeded to reach a total of 142 thousand 126 tons, the figure shows the progress in the integral recovery of companies in the iron and steel sector.

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