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Venezuela denounces impacts of illegal blockade before UNESCO

Venezuelan Ambassador to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Héctor Constant, this Monday in the Executive Council, denounced the impacts of the illegal economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by States United (USA) to the South American Nation for its development.

Constant denounced that illegal economic measures impede the development of Venezuela, “hits the country’s efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development goals of the UN 2023 Agenda,” he added.

Venezuela: Colombia tries to evade its internal tragedies

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza denounced on Monday that Colombian President Iván Duque, along with his Foreign minister, promotes xenophobia and hatred against Venezuelan migrants with the aim of diverting attention from their internal tragedies.

“More than an obsession, it is already ridiculous. Iván Duque and Carlos Holmes Trujillo have pulverized Colombia’s foreign policy. They try to evade all their internal tragedies, accusing Venezuela, promoting hatred and xenophobia. They lack the courage to face their reality, “said Foreign Minister Arreaza.

Venezuela and China will establish agreement on military technology transfer

Venezuela will strengthen a military technology transfer agreement with China, with the purpose of ensuring the maintenance of equipment belonging to the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), said the President of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) Diosdado Cabello, during an official visit to the Asian country

Cabello, said that this cooperation will ensure the defense of the Venezuelan territory, given the claim of armed intervention by foreign powers. “Those who attack us and those who believe that it would be very easy to enter Venezuela and sweep with our people, will have a big surprise because one of the reasons for our visit to China is to find that these agreements seal the possibility of improving our weapons” ,  he said in the program See you on the radio, broadcast on National Radio of Venezuela.

 Venezuela congratulates the Ecuadorian people for achieving repeal of decree 883

The Government of Venezuela joins the celebration of the people of Ecuador for achieving the repeal of decree 883, which stipulated the elimination of the fuel subsidy among other measures for the working class of the South American nation.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry said in an official statement that “the Venezuelan Government joins the jubilation of the brave people of Ecuador, who after 12 days of admirable struggle and resistance, has succeeded in having the Government of that country repeal the infamous decree 883, which intended to implement the failed and inhuman economic recipes of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). “

 Venezuela reports nonadmission immigration of Alejandro Giammatei

Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, reported on Saturday the nonadmission immigration of the elected president of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammatei, after he tried to enter the country with a passport that shows him as an Italian citizen.

“The fact that an elected President of an independent Republic, intended to enter another country under a citizenship other than that of the country where he will exercise the Presidency, called the attention of the corresponding officials, who proceeded to apply the identity verification protocol and perform the rigorous questions about the reason for his visit, “said the Foreign Minister.

Arreaza affirms that the visit of a high-level character requires bilateral coordination in terms of agenda, security and issuance of visas, “it is essential to present credentials and identity documents of the country in which he performs government functions” he added.

Return to the homeland Plan returns 90 Venezuelans from Chile

From Chile, a new group of 90 Venezuelans returned  to Caracas through the Return to the Homeland Plan, initiated in 2018 by President Nicolás Maduro, in order to allow the voluntary return of migrants of that South American country in other lands.

The Venezuelans were received at the Maiquetía International Airport by the Deputy Minister for the Caribbean of the Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs, Raúl Li Causi, who welcomed them and summoned them to continue to build the country.

Foreign Minister Arreaza repudiates that Pompeo and Holmes continue to attack Venezuela

Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza rejected the statement from the US Department of State (which states that Venezuela is an alleged “burden” for Colombia.

The Venezuelan diplomat posted on his Twitter account that “they border on the ridiculous. Pompeo and Holmes Trujillo talk about the “burden” that Venezuela represents for Colombia and the region. ” He added that“the historical and infinite burden is the  violence and drug production in Colombia, not only for the region, for all humanity. “

Nine million migrants and refugees benefit from the humanist policies of the Bolivarian Government

The diplomatic representation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela explained to the participants of the 70th Session of the Executive Committee of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), which was held in Geneva from October 7th to 11th, the successful and political humanists in immigration and refugee matters implemented by the Bolivarian Government. In this regard, more than 9 million persons who have come from other latitudes to the homeland of Bolivar benefit from Venezuelan social justice policies.

The Venezuelan spokesmen dismantled the false claims about the number of Venezuelans who have emigrated to other countries in recent years, given that the sources used by both Acnur and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) come from governments grouped in the Lima cartel, which has a hostile policy towards Venezuela and the figures bulge, with the purpose of immorally using resources provided by international and foreign organizations

Pueblo to Pueblo Plan awarded Food Sovereignty 2019 by US Alliance

The food production, distribution and consumption strategy of the Venezuelan population carried out by the Pueblo to Pueblo Plan was the point of honor that earned it the 2019 Food Sovereignty Award, granted by the American Alliance for Food Sovereignty -Usfsa, – delivered through a videoconference.

In the emotional act carried out in the spaces of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, the spokesmen of the various organizations – political, social and farmers – that are part of the Plan, as well as Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, the vice minister for North America  Carlos Ron and the vice Minister for Europe, Yván Gil conversed, among other things, about the challenges of producers, especially in these times of constant siege by the White House against Venezuela.

 More than one million school items distributed in 10 states

The Minister for National Commerce, William Contreras, reported on Tuesday that the national government continues with the provision of school supplies, with the delivery of more than one million 300 thousand 700 items that will be distributed in 10 states.

From Carabobo state, he assured that with this endowment, 200 thousand backpacks will be equipped for the schools of 10 states of the country; he assured that during this week other deliveries will be made. The statements were offered from the Caracas Warehouse, in the Carabobo state, where 70,000 backpacks are assembled daily, the Minister said. “Here we have 7 warehouses of 5,000 square meters where the assembly process is guaranteed, in addition to generating work,” said Contreras.