Venezuela crisis: Attorney general banned from leaving country

Venezuela’s Supreme Court has banned the attorney general from leaving the country and frozen all of her assets.The court, which is dominated by government loyalists, said Luisa Ortega Díaz had committed serious errors.

Ms Ortega, once a staunch government ally, broke ranks in March when she said an attempt by the Supreme Court to strip the opposition-controlled Congress of its powers was unlawful.

Critics believe President Nicolás Maduro is trying to push Ms Ortega out. She faces a hearing on 4 July – some analysts say she may eventually be put on trial. The move comes amid growing political turmoil in Venezuela.

According to reports, the accusations against her refer to the appointment of judges. The Supreme Court recently transferred Ms Ortega’s powers of investigation to the national ombudsman.

On Wednesday, she strongly criticised President Maduro following an incident in which a stolen police helicopter flew over government buildings in the capital, Caracas, dropping grenades and firing shots.

Mr Maduro called it a “terrorist attack” but Ms Ortega said Venezuela was suffering from “state terrorism” due to the harsh response by authorities to anti-government protests.   BBC