Two Of Grenada’s Parishes Declared Disaster Zones

Two of Grenada’s six parishes have been declared disaster zones, following damage caused by flooding earlier last week.

Damage to houses and the agricultural sector are still being fully assessed, but the National Emergency Advisory Council (NEAC) declared the parishes of St George and St David disaster zones after an initial assessment.

A tropical wave interacted with the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone and brought heavy rains to Grenada for more than seven hours, causing landslides, flooding homes and flooding and blocking roadways.

Some residents had to be relocated; the St John River overflowed, flooding the nearby National Stadium which sustained damage to its ground floor, prompting a one-week postponement of Junior Carnival which had been scheduled for tomorrow; and the Ministry of Forestry had to be relocated.

A preliminary report from the Ministry of Works indicated that all main roads are now accessible and cleaning works continue.


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