Trinis Are The Happiest Islanders According To UN Report

The United Nations annual World Happiness Report was published on Monday (World Happiness Day), but Caribbean people interested in how their country fared were mostly disappointed, with much of the region apparently escaping the attention of the experts who compiled the report.

Of those nations to make it on the 155-strong list, the top four that could be considered part of the wider region were the mainland countries of Mexico (25), Guatemala (29), Panama (30) and Colombia (36).

The distinction of being the first Caribbean island country named went to Trinidad and Tobago, which placed 38th despite the twin-island republic’s rampant crime.

Next up were another two Central American countries: Nicaragua (43) and Belize (50), followed by Jamaica in 76th place.

Venezuela, which came in 82nd, was one of three countries to experience the biggest happiness drops in recent years.

The Dominican Republic (86) and Honduras (91) followed, while Haiti, ranked 145th, brought up the regional rear.


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