TRINIDAD:Mentally ill man killed by cops

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – A man with a history of mental illness was shot and killed by police on Wednesday night.

Roger Nagessar, also known as “Bubbles”, was wielding a cutlass in the street when Ste Madeleine police officers shot him.

People in the village are questioning why police used lethal force in the incident and why there were no other options available to end the interaction without bloodshed.

The incident occurred at Friendship Village, near San Fernando at around 8p.m. A video on social media showed police officers interacting with Nagessar.

Two male police officers were heard shouting several times at Nagessar “put that blade down. Put that down”.

A female police officer who stood behind the two other officers, was not involved in the shooting. As Nagessar advanced towards the police officers, they opened fire. Five shots were heard.

A group of female neighbours were then heard wailing and saying “No bubbles, no”. Police took Nagessar to the San Fernando General Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.