Trinidad: Woman chased through POS, stabbed to death

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – A 21-YEAR-OLD woman was stabbed to death in Port Of Spain on Monday 30th July, 2018  during an argument with a male companion.

The dead woman has since been identified as Tyesha DeSouza of Trou Macaque, Laventille. The stabbing occurred close to the Port of Spain General Hospital. And even though members of the public came to her aid and rushed her to the nearby hospital for treatment, DeSouza was pronounced dead on the operating table.

The 31-year-old man who carried out the crime is in police custody assisting homicide detectives with their investigation.

Her killing, along with that of Chinese national Chen Zhi Zhong, who was murdered in Princes Town, has taken the country’s murder toll for the year so far to 317, according to an Express tally.

Police reports state that  DeSouza was a front seat passenger in a car being driven by the man along Upper Charlotte Street when they got into an altercation. During that altercation, DeSouza reportedly took hold of the steering wheel and pulled it, causing the car to crash into a nearby wall.

It was at this point that the man pulled out a knife, causing the woman to exit the car and run to safety. However, the man gave chase and caught up to her a short distance away before stabbing her several times.

Officers said a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment, who was in the area at the time and witnessed the incident, was able to detain the suspect before handing him over to police who arrived on the scene shortly after.