TRINIDAD: TSTT Fires 554 workers In Two Months

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – The Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) Wednesday announced the dismissal of 51 of its employees as the head of the Communications Workers Union (CWU) Clyde Elder said he was physically removed from the company’s headquarters by force.

In a statement, TSTT said that it had completed its “staff rationalization exercise” with the non–unionized employees being served retrenchment notices.

Last month, TSTT announced it had retrenched 503 workers including the Elder as it executed on a critical phase in its organisational transformation. It said then that the next phase would have involved the rationalisation of non-unionised employees, including the executive level.

“Organizational transformation is an absolute necessity for TSTT’s survival. We had to make these very difficult decisions to ensure that TSTT continues to fulfil its mandate to provide ubiquitous and affordable leading-edge solutions for the people of Trinidad and Tobago,” chief executive officer Dr. Ronald Walcott said Wednesday, adding that ‘global companies are all in the throes of transforming their business models and TSTT is no different.