TRINIDAD: Three cops arrested for stealing $30,000 from driver

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – A POLICE sergeant and two constables have been arrested for allegedly stealing $30,000 from a motorist at a traffic stop.

The three officers are attached to the Central Police Division.

It is alleged that the man had the cash in his car and was on his way to purchase a vehicle when the officers stopped him on the road.

The officers searched the vehicle and allegedly told that man that they would charge him possession of a firearm if he did not give them the cash.

The man allegedly handed over the cash to the officers, and was allowed to leave. He went to the office of the Professional Standard Bureau and reported the incident.

The three officers were arrested over the weekend.

In a separate exercise, PSB officers searched an office in a police station in Central Division and allegedly found a Glock pistol with selector, a quantity of ammunition, drugs and a large sum of cash in the ceiling.

Another office was also searched and a an air pistol was found in the ceiling. No one was arrested.