Trinidad ready for deportees following a Trump win

NATIONAL Security Minister Edmund Dillon yesterday said measures will be implemented to address a possible influx of deportees following Donald Trump’s victory in Wednesday’s United States’ Presidential election. Speaking to reporters before yesterday’s sitting of the Parliament, Dillon was asked if the Government had considered the possibility that there may be an increase in deportees under a Trump Presidency.

“If that is the case, then we have to put measures in place for deportees coming to Trinidad and Tobago,” he told reporters. “It is up to us as a country to take the necessary action and put the measures in place to treat with them when they come into Trinidad and Tobago.” Trump, in the run up to the campaign, has taken a tough stand on immigrants, promising to bring measures to stem the flow to the US.

Dillon said the Government was already receiving advanced notice on the arrival of criminal deportees into the country. “We are getting advanced notice as to deportees from the United States. So, we know when they are coming and we do have some idea as to their records.” he said. The minister said information on deportees, generally, also was available.
“So, far, we get advanced notice.
But, we will seek to continue that kind of dialogue with the United States because it is important for us to be aware who has been deported and some idea of their records in Trinidad and not only with the US but Canada and the UK, whichever country of origin,” he said.
Dillon said the Government was adopting a wait-and-see approach to Trump’s impending stewardship as US President, particularly in relation to national security matters.
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