Trinidad: ‘Ports to stay closed: no exceptions’

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – No amount of begging will cause the Government to re-open the borders at this time.

The airport and sea ports will remain closed and no ­exceptions will be made because the priority is the protection of the people within the country from the killer COVID-19 virus.

This was the emphatic position of National Security Minister Stuart Young who said yesterday that those in Barbados, Margarita and wherever else in the world have to stay put until the borders are opened again.

The Minister said he empathises but no exceptions will be made and the Government will also not be footing the hotel bills of persons stranded in Barbados.

Speaking at a news conference at the Health Ministry, Port of Spain, young noted that on Saturday he announced that the borders would be closed on Sunday midnight and people still took the decision to fly in an attempt to come to Trinidad from London via Barbados where there is a mandatory 14-day quarantine in place.

Asked later yesterday whether the T&T nationals would be brought home after the 14-day quarantine in Barbados, Young said: “Right now that is a premature question because she have not said how long the borders are closed.

We are dealing with the present and right now the borders are closed….We don’t know what the situation would be (with the pandemic) when they are finished their quarantine.”

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  1. Are Trinidad’s borders closed as well to Trini students at the Cave Hill and Mona Campuses of the U.W.I.? If they send a plane to Barbados to collect the students over here we should load on those 35 natives being quarantined here as well.

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