TRINIDAD Police Commissioner To Reduce Police Stations From 77 To 30

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – There are 77 police stations spread throughout Trinidad and Tobago, manned by 2,300 police officers.

But do we need so many police stations? According to Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith, the answer is no.

Speaking at a community meeting at Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation yesterday, Griffith said he intends to reduce the number of police station to about 30.

And soon citizens would have no reason to visit police stations as reports can be filed online.

Griffith said the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) was moving to a transformative approach to policing in T&T with the use of modern technology.

He said the TTPS intends to reduce the number of police stations to maximise the number of police officers on the streets.

This revelation raised concerns among citizens of Rio Claro and Mayaro. But Griffith noted that not every constituency would be affected by the move.

“But when I speak about this, I mean let us look at Port of Spain. Maraval (police station) is about five minutes’ drive to St Clair station, then three minutes to the Police Academy, then two minutes to St James station, then four minutes’ drive to Four Roads station, then three minutes’ drive to Diego Martin.

There is about nine stations in Port of Spain that you can use a bicycle and get to all the stations in the space of an hour — that is madness,” he said.

Griffith said he was trying to transform the Police Service so that officers are out of the stations policing.