TRINIDAD: No complaints, as 3 killed, 1 wounded, 2 arrested

Trinidad , killed

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – Trinidad Police are reporting the killing of three men, and the arrest of two suspects in connection with Sunday’s murder of Constable Kryston Ramirez.

Officers also say they shot and killed one of three men who broke into a house in Arima and assaulted a woman.

In all, 13 people held during Operation Strike Back (OSB) exercises conducted in the Northern Division.

The work of the police is being celebrated on social media by citizens who found no fault with the fatal use of force.

These exercises were conducted in the Carapo and Peytonville areas, between Monday and Tuesday.

Police also arrested five in the Carapo area for gang related activities; two for possession of marijuana; two for obstruction, one for a shooting offence and another in connection with arson and sacrilege offences.

It was also during Operation Strike Back, around 5a.m today, where officers from the Pinto Police Post and Emergency Response Patrol (ERP) responded to a report of a home invasion at Maturita, Arima in which one of the female victims was assaulted.

“When officers arrived, three persons at the premises began shooting at the police and in accordance with the use of force policy, officers returned fire.

Two of the men escaped, however, the third man was apprehended and found to be suffering from a gunshot wound to the right knee. He is currently warded at the Mt. Hope Hospital under police guard”, police said.