Trinidad: Lovers shot in car: Boyfriend dies

(Trinidad Express) – A San Fernando man was gunned down while sitting in his car with his girlfriend in Ste Madeleine on Sunday. Ryan Alexander, 27, was shot multiple times and died in the driver’s seat.

His girlfriend, Andrea Yusuff, was also shot. She is warded at a hospital in stable condition. Around 11 p.m. residents of Greenhill, Tarodale, heard gunfire.

Upon checking they found a blue Nissan Bluebird riddled with bullet holes. Alexander’s 25-year-old girlfriend was pleading for help.

Officers of the Ste Madeleine police station and Homicide Region III responded. The woman was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital for emergency treatment.

The killing took the homicide toll to 188 according to an Express tally.

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