TRINIDAD: FB Post,Man Charged With Sedition, Inciting Racial Violence

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – A Facebook post led to the arrest of a man who has been charged with one of the most serious crimes in the country.

Jonathan Anthony Mohammed, 22 has been charged in accordance with Section 14 of the Anti-Terrorism Act, for inciting acts of racial violence via social media.

Mohammed, of Santa Margarita, St. Augustine, was charged with sedition and incitement to commit a terrorist act, after the DPP gave instructions to the Terrorism Interdiction Unit (TIU) of the Special Branch.

He is the first person to be charged under the Anti-Terrorism Act. The charges arose from a number of posts made to Facebook on October 28.

According to the police, one of posts included a video of a moving convoy of armoured vehicles in which one of the vehicles was suddenly destroyed by an explosive.

Police claim that they found posts preceding the video called on members of the public to engage in acts of racial violence.

An investigation was launched by the Special Branch into the matter and led to Mohammed’s arrest on Wednesday.

Charges were laid by Corporal Nurse, of the TIU, and Mohammed is expected to appear before the Port of Spain Magistrates’ Court on Monday