Trinidad: Father And Son In Custody For Cop’s Murder

(NEWS DAY) – A FATHER and son are now in police custody in connection with the murder of Snr Supt Edward Castillo, who was killed at their Carapichaima home on Saturday.

Police arrested the father moments after the killing, while his son surrendered to police on last night.

The killing of Castillo was described by the police as a hit.

On Saturday evening, Castillo was at his mini mart at Waterloo Road, Carapichaima, when he was killed. The murder was captured on CCTV.

Police said, around 6 pm, two men pretending to be customers approached Castillo asking to buy an energy drink, after he had just closed the Aidens Mini mart and meat shop.

Castillo reopened the mini mart and was about to get the drink, when the gunmen shot him multiple times.

He died on spot and the men left in a car.

The father of five was the former head ofthe TT Police Service Central division.

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    Business operators shall avoid some sales, particularly at closing up time. When sales operations are ceased, close all entrances and exits.

    Late customers shall see that business is done for the day.

    But then again, with the element of surprise, one never know when a killer would strike.

    Even so, this officer may have ignored the survival caution ‘…Beware of Subterfuge (trick).’

    The deceased had apparently abandoned the caution for a business principle, ‘…treat customers right.’

    Even trying to do so, is fraught with danger, be it day or night.

    It appeared he had been unsuspectingly lured back inside for, as the news reports ‘…hit.’

    Clearly, he could have been killed there and then. However,it may have been too risky to shoot upon his public exit.

    Factored in this case was ‘…Ease of Getaway. Yes! Getaway.

    For the ‘…One Minute Criminal,’ this has always factored high on the list of priorities.

    To all business operators,’…Don’t be tricked to sell.’ It could mean quick death.

    Condolences to the bereaved, family, loved ones and colleagues.

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