TRINIDAD: Cops kill man as he was chopping his wife

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – Police officers shot and killed a man who was chopping his wife to death in Chaguanas on Friday.

Dead is Christopher Singuineau. His wife, Chinel Jeffrey, 30, is undergoing treatment at hospital.

Officers received a report at the Chaguanas Operations Centre at around 3.15p.m. and two officers patrolling the area responded to LP No. 6 Enterprise Street.

When the three officers arrived on the scene, they heard screams coming from inside the house. The woman was pleading for help.

The officers looked through a window and saw Jeffrey on the floor, being repeatedly chopped by Singuineau.

Officers called out to the man to stop, but he continued his assault.

The officers broke the door and window panes and all three fired on Singuineau. They took away the chopper and took both to hospital.

Singuineau died. ASP Smith is investigating.