Trinidad: Cat saves toddler from bullets

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – Curiosity may have killed the cat but it was curiosity about a cat that saved the life of one-year-old Varian Walker.

Varian Walker is the son of 29-year-old Victor Walker, one of two men shot dead on Saturday night in Tunapuna.

The other victim was 21-year-old Kishan Carmona.

“When the incident happened, he was liming out there with some fellas in the area, and his son was with him.

While there, his son saw a cat, and he told his father ‘cat! cat!’ and Victor let him run after the cat into a nearby house.

” Same time the boy walk into the house was when the gunman come up, if he (Varian) was still in his father’s arms, he would have picked up to. We are sure of that,” the child’s grandmother, Dianne Roberts, said yesterday.