Trinidad: Call made for protection of boys from sexual abuse

(CMC) — The Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago is calling for boys to be protected from sexual abuse, and suggested that acts against them were being under-reported.

“The authority is calling on the public to recognise that sexual abuse of boys is also perpetrated by women and must be reported. Although society often accepts boys having sexual experiences with older women, this must be condemned, as it is child abuse.

“The authority notes that celebrating sexual abuse of boys by women, and accepting it as part of a boy’s development into manhood causes emotional and psychological problems for the child,” the authority said in a statement.

It said in order to protect children from abuse, the Trinidad and Tobago society needs to change its assumptions about child sexual abuse, victims, and perpetrators.

“Parents and guardians are encouraged to let boys know that they can be sexually groomed by a male or female adult, who will befriend them by building a close relationship in order to gain their trust, with the intention of later engaging in sexual activity.”

The authority gave no figures to indicate the extent of boys being sexually abused here, but said that it has had to intervene regearding the report of a 13-year-old boy who was engaged in sexual activity with a woman.

“As soon as the report was received the authority’s investigative process was initiated, and support is being provided to the child and his family. If a parent or guardian suspects sexual grooming, they should take the evidence and any information about the alleged perpetrator to the police and report the matter to the authority,” it said.