TRINIDAD: Brutal attack on principal of primary school

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – Education Minister Anthony Garcia is condemning what he describes as “the despicable act of violence” perpetuated against the Principal of the Tunapuna Hindu Primary School by two intruders on Wednesday.

A report from the School Supervisor says that two men entered the school at approximately 2:40pm and indicated to the security officer they would like to see the Principal for a recommendation.

They proceeded to the Principal’s Office where they pulled out a baton and dealt him a blow to his head. The men them fled the compound on foot.

The Tunapuna Police was and contacted. They spoke with the principal before he was taken to the Mt Hope Hospital by paramedics.

The Express was told that the attack was linked the the principal’s decision to discipline a pupil.

A team of Officers from the Student Support Services Division of the Ministry of Education will be visiting the school on Thursday to provide intervention and counselling for students.

Officials of the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) will also visit tomorrow to provide counselling services for teachers.

Garcia said in a statement on Wednesday: “the Ministry of Education has been making significant strides thus far to curtail acts of indiscipline in our schools. However, when an adult enters a school compound and engages in such acts, it will only repel the successes of the MOE in achieving its goals”.

Garcia said such acts of indiscipline from adults to assault a Principal on a school compound must be condemned in its strongest terms by society.

“Acts such as these must not be tolerated and adults are expected to behave in a more responsible manner and set the proper example for our nation’s children”, said Garcia.