Trinidad: Baby beaten at daycare centre

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – The parents of a six month old baby boy plan to take legal action against a daycare in Barataria after their child was left with a swollen face and blisters about his face and body.

They were told by the daycare that the infant was beaten by another child.

“I don’t believe that at all. Look at his wounds. His face was more swollen than that yesterday. I didn’t even recognise him,” said a furious Melessa Buckmire, the child’s mother.

She said the incident happened around 12 noon yesterday, but it was only when she arrived to pick up her baby Wyatt Selby, that she was informed about it.

Buckmire said around 11am she dropped Wyatt off at the daycare, located along Third Avenue, Barataria.

She said she was told that the injuries to her son were discovered by a daycare worker about an hour after.

She said the daycare’s principal informed her that a worker went to fix Wyatt a bottle and heard him screaming from the kitchen, which is not too far away.

“I was told that the young lady didn’t go to see what Wyatt was crying about because she thought it was a hunger cry. The girl said when she went to feed him the bottle she discovered him with the bruises,” Buckmire said.

“The young lady, who is in her 20’s, doesn’t usually look after Wyatt. An elderly lady does. The Principal was not present when the incident happened, nor was the elderly woman,” she explained.

She said it was Wyatt’s second week at the daycare.

“When I went to pick him up the young girl told me that the principal wanted to talk to me. The principal said all afternoon she had been sitting there trying to figure out how to break the news to me. She said, first before I tell you what I’m about to tell you I will like you to know that we are like family here and when you see him, however you feel to express yourself, you can go ahead.”

Buckmire said the principal insisted on footing Wyatt’s medical bills.

“She said when the incident happened they tried HealthNet Caribbean Limited, which was nearby, but it was already closed,” the irate mother said.

Buckmire and her companion, Kieron Selby rushed Wyatt to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

Doctors assured them that he did not sustain internal injuries.

They also made a report to the San Juan Police Station, as well as the Child Protection Unit.

“I am seeking advice from a lawyer on my next move because this is horrible. This could have happened to another child. The daycare did not have the courtesy to even call me to tell me what happened. He could have been dead by the time I came for him,” she lamented.

ontacted, the principal of Wendy’s Little Angels Daycare and Pre-school, who identified herself a Miss Wendy, stated:

“This whole thing should not have reached so far,” she said.

She said she did not understand why Buckmire chose to go to the media and report the incident to the Police, given that the injuries to the infant were not wilfully inflicted.

“I offered to pay the medical bills if possible and to reimburse the money. I offered to do that. It wasn’t a wilful thing. It was a baby that did that. I have been trying to reach her (Buckmire) to find out what is happening. I put myself in her shoes as a parent and it is hurting me as if it’s my own child,” she said, apologising profusely for what had happened.