Three killed on a day of violence in Saint Lucia

(CNS) – Two people were killed when masked gunmen are reported to have entered the volatile Wilton’s Yard in the heart of the city on Friday night, police have confirmed.

They have identified the men killed as Yannick Sylvester, alias ‘Coco Boy’ and Bradley Agdomar. Police said several shots were fired during the incident.

Media reports said that the gunmen on leaving the scene deliberately left behind a box filled with ammunition and the online publication St. Lucia Times quoted a law enforcement official as saying that “they dropped the box to show us that they are equipped”.

Meanwhile, in another incident on Friday, Cannis Smith, died from a gunshot wound while an undefined was injured under circumstances that are currently under investigation by the police.

Police said that they are also investigating the injured to another man who was hit by a stray bullet.

Johnny Jeffers, who was since been discharged from the Victoria Hospital, said he heard three shots before being injured.

“When I looked at my shoulder I just saw blood. I could have been dead,” Jeffers said, adding “I am an innocent man. I have no enemies”.

He said the bullet is still lodged in his shoulder.

Meanwhile, police officers on leave have been told to report back to duty by Monday as the authorities move to deal with the upsurge in criminal activities ahead of the Christmas holidays.

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