Store Employee Charged with Shannon’s murder

IAM and Company employee Dale Seecharan was charged this morning with the murder of Shannon Banfield.

Banfield, a 20-year-old Republic Bank worker, was found dead and decomposing in the storeroom of IAM and Company at Charlotte Street, Port of Spain two Thursdays ago. She had been smothered, an autopsy found.

Four days before, Banfield had told her mother that she would be shopping at that store, before travelling to her family’s home.

When she did not arrived home that day (Monday), her family made a public appeal for help in finding her.

Seecharan was detained the day Banfield’s body was found.

He was held and released on two occasions by police officers building a case against him with the help of Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard.

Seecharan was rearrested on Monday night and the instruction given to lay the charge this morning. At around noon, he was moved from the Central Police Station to the Port of Spain Magistrates’ Court.

Seecharan, 38, is expected to appear before a magistrate this afternoon. A murder charge is non-bailable and Seecharan will be held in prison until his trial.
Trinidad Express

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