St Lucian Man is Toronto’s 43rd homicide victim of 2017

John Trevor Paul : Photo the

A St. Lucian was gunned down in Toronto, Canada. He has been identified as John Trevor Paul, he would have been 33 years old today, Saturday, September 30.

Toronto police said at 7:51 p.m. on Friday, September 29, they responded to reports of a shooting at the North York Sheridan Mall, at 1700 Wilson Avenue.

Police said emergency services personnel arrived and located a man at the rear of the mall with obvious trauma.

He was taken to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. Police are reportedly searching for four suspects.

According to media reports, three persons approached Paul, while another person stayed in the vehicle. Paul was shot in the upper body during an alleged altercation.

Reports are that this is the second fatal shooting at the North York Mall in the last month.

Previously, a 22-year-old Jovane Clarke was shot and killed inside the mall. At the time, police said Clarke was being pursued by four people, two of whom opened fire.

Police are unable to confirm at this point if Paul’s killing is connected to Clarke’s.Paul is Toronto’s 43rd homicide victim of 2017.



  1. Times have changed and greed and the need to get rich quickly have increased exponentially. Also its important to note that the hangman has already disappeared, we now have the like of compay Trimmingham getting fat in jail at taxpayer’s expense. There are examples of the signs of times in the New St Vincent. Society has to adjust and live with the crime rate that has spiral out of proportion to our population. There was a time when hard labour meant what it says. Some of our law enforcers are inept at best. Our bleeding heart liberals who advocate the abolishment of the death penalty does not help either.

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