St Kitts New DPP Vincentian Valston Graham Vows Fairness In Prosecutions

The newly appointed Director of Public Prosecutions for St. Kitts and Nevis, Vincentian Valston Graham, says his office will apply fairness in its pursuit of justice in the courts.

“The community and the federation at large rightly have an expectation that the office of the director of public prosecution will discharge their duties in a professional manner which is guided by fairness in the manner in which we conduct our duties. And that is to say, in as much as we are responsible for the institution and conduct of criminal proceedings we must always be mindful that it is not a case of win at all cost.

We must operate in a system that is guided by the principle that we must discharge our duties in a manner to ensure as best as we can play our role, that the guilty will be convicted but we must be equally vigilant as ministers of justice to ensure that an innocent man should walk.

v Graham
Valston Graham

“As Director it is my intention and it is my expectation that my staff will be guided by the principles of fairness and professionalism in the conduct of our duties,” he said in his maiden speech to the court.

Graham, a former Senior Crown Counsel in the BVI was officially welcomed to the federation and local judiciary by Attorney General Vincent Byron, during Tuesday’s opening of the 2016/2017 law year of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

“We would like to welcome our new Director of Public Prosecutions , Mr. Valston Graham. Mr. Graham has much experience prosecuting matters in the high court, Court of Appeal as well as the magistrate’s court. I would hope that members of the bar who practice criminal matters will give him their full cooperation. I wish him well as he carries out the duties of his office.”

The DPP’s office has been relocated from the Sir Lee L. Moore Legal and Judicial complex to the CLICO Building on South Independence Square Street to facilitate the installation of a second courtroom inside the existing courthouse.

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