Social media identified as a factor in teenage suicide

Life Coach Janice Huff is implicating social media as a factor in the increasing rate of suicide among youths .

Huff said the advent of social media has seemingly forced young people to try to fit in despite the challenges they are facing.

“Our lives are like goldfish bowls where everybody is looking on us, and I think that clearly adds immense pressure that some of us have never had before,” she said.

According to Huff, young people are being forced, because of social media, to portray an image of themselves that doesn’t exist.

“They are showing off the world as one person, and literally they feel something else completely different inside,” she argued.

“The whole point is that there is so much other stress coming into their lives as well now. Yet, they are still hiding behind the Internet, claiming that they are doing okay because that’s how they want to be seen by their friends, peers and parents.”

Huff said young people must be encouraged by adults to “come out of that and say it’s okay to not be okay”.

Source Observer

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