Shaniece Wauchope turns to God, overcomes fornication – Part 1

(Jamaica Gleaner) – Jamaica– It was a long and strenuous road to sexual purity for Shaniece Wauchope, who revealed that she had been exposed to the sexual sensation at the age of seven.

The premature exposure, she explained, led her to a life of masturbation, pornography, and promiscuity.

Remembering where it all started, she said, “I used to spend my summer holidays with a family. They had a daughter my age, and we were playing in her room, and we experienced what I call ‘dolly house gone wrong’. That introduced me to a sensation that I never knew existed. I had many questions but no one to ask because sex was a tabooed topic. Besides, I was only seven years old at the time, so I went home and experimented with my body until I relived that experience. I quickly became addicted to what I later learned was called masturbation.“

The silent giant, as it is called, soon steered the then adolescent Wauchope down an even riskier and more unfavourable route.

“Masturbation is an appetiser for sex. It never truly satisfies the urges; it is just a temporary fix. As time went by, I desired more. I wanted to experience sex, and so I started my attempts at a very tender age. By the time I got to 14 years old, I was sexually active and moving from one relationship to the next. My early exposure led me to a life of promiscuity, but thankfully, God protected me from all STIs and pregnancies,” she said.

Return to God

It was four years later that the young girl who had once walked away from her first commitment with God decided to return to a holy walk.

With much encouragement from others and inspired by her sister’s baptism, Wauchope surrendered her life to God in March 2011.

The new submission was able to totally annihilate her addiction to pornography, sex, and many other sinful activities, but, according to the honest woman, masturbation seemed too big a giant to conquer at the time.

She said, “I knew God wasn’t pleased, but my desire to please my flesh was stronger than my desire to please God. As I drew closer to God, my desire to please Him grew stronger. My deliverance truly started when a young lady confided in me about her own struggle, and I knew that I needed to break free in order to help her and others.

When we engage in a vision greater than ourselves, it motivates us to fight with all our might for freedom. God took me on a journey that helped me identify my triggers, identify how the enemy strategically attacked me right before I was asked to minister, and how I needed to be honest in my prayer to God.”

Wauchope, who now operates as a Christian wellness coach, told Family and Religion that she made a promise to God in her low season that if He would deliver her from her struggles with sexual sins, she would help to deliver His people. She honoured this promise through her memoir, written in 2019, called Coming Out of the Box: My Journey to Purity and Identity.’

“Through the story shared in my book, I offer insights and tips to my readers on how they, too, can overcome their struggles. To someone who is struggling with these sins and truly desires to break free, here is advice from my book: acknowledge that you have a problem, recognise that it is a sin before God, resolve in your heart to change, repent and pray to God for help, and talk to someone who is more mature than you spiritually and is trustworthy.