Second suspect freed in the death of bank employee Shannon Banfield

THE second man detained by police following the death of bank employee Shannon Banfield was released Monday night. This after police sought the advice of Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard.

IAM and Company Ltd worker Dale Seecharan was released by police after assisting them since Thursday night.

Seecharan was the second person of interest who was wanted for questioning by investigators who were conducting enquiries into the death of 20-year-old Banfield.
On Saturday night 18-year-old Matthew Maharaj was released after assisting police with their investigations.

Speaking to Express last night, defence attorney Larry Williams – who has been representing the interests of Seecharan – confirmed that he had been informed by homicide investigators that instructions had been issued to release him.
The Express was also informed that Seecharan did not give statements to the police.

And while Williams confirmed that his client had not willingly participated in the interview process, he noted that contrary to several media reports, Seecharan had subjected himself to medical examination. He also noted that his client was not shown any footage in which it was alleged that he had walked up a stairwell with Banfield.
The Express was informed that police can question him again.
It was explained that the freedom of persons could not be denied for extended periods of time without reasonable cause and had to be within a reasonable time frame. If enough evidence could not be gathered in time, then a person of interest would have to be released.
Seecharan spent four days in police custody.
Trinidad Express