Saint Lucia inks deal with United Airlines

As a result of an increase in tourism arrivals from the United States (US), United Airlines will be adding new flights to Saint Lucia.

The announcement was made on Thursday by Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee who said that Saint Lucia has inked a deal with the US air carrier to add an additional flight in Chicago.

“We will have an addition to the current Saturday flight. We will have a Sunday flight which will create greater opportunities for the people in cities in Chicago to come to Saint Lucia in greater numbers,” he said.

Officials from the Tourist Board will be travelling to the US to launch the Chicago flight, which will act as the springboard for the marketing plan there for the upcoming tourism season.


In addition to that, United Airlines will also be offering an additional flight out of New Jersey.

“We have also seen great promise in the New Jersey area and we have inked a deal also with United Airlines to have an additional flight from Newark Liberty International Airport coming on Sunday,” Fedee said.

Questioned on whether the government will have to subsidize these flights, the minister said it is difficult when investing in new flights and new routes, but he does not foresee this happening.

“There is always going to be a level of shared risk. But we believe we will not be paying anything because we will be marketing this flight and it is a strategic decision to go and launch the flight out of Chicago,” he added.

Fedee said there will be a lot of big promotions between now and the start date of the flight, noting that Saint Lucia was encouraged to add new flights based on the performance of the existing flight out of Chicago.

“The flight did very, very well and we believe the second flight will do well because Chicago is an area of growth and tremendous demand,” the minister asserted.

The expanded partnership with United Airlines provides non-stop regularly scheduled service between the two destinations, making Saint Lucia even more accessible for travelers. The new flights connect major gateways in the Midwestern United States and provide added convenience for connections with a number of new markets.

First Published St Lucia Times Online

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